If you’re looking for a career with a growing, international company that’s a true FMCG leader and whose products ignite genuine passion, you’ve come to the right place

Scandinavian Tobacco Group proudly manufactures cigars, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco that people around the world love to enjoy. Our customers’ enthusiasm is shared by our own employees, who have a genuine passion for the high-quality, natural products we make. As a Scandinavian Tobacco hire, you will quickly see how the unique history and craftsmanship behind our products kindles your own curiosity and engagement, turning what might start as a “job” into a lifelong passion.

A company above average on key satisfaction paramaters
At Scandinavian Tobacco Group, superior quality is just the way we roll. From the leaves we pick to the people we hire, we demand the best and make it better. Just look at our results – a global portfolio of over 200 leading FMCG brands and empowered employees. How did we get there? A commitment to quality, a shared sense of trust and an unshakable belief in empowerment.

According to the latest Employee Engagement Survey, 82% of our office workers feel they can develop within Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and 91% feel the company demonstrates values and principles they respect.

When the going gets tough, we get rolling
We might work with a centuries-old craft, but we didn’t reach our leading position looking backwards. Building a business in a highly regulated industry takes people who relish challenges and love to innovate their way out of them. That’s why we don’t operate with dusty conventions and hidden agendas. We challenge the status quo and we’re straight shooters. If you show us curiosity and engagement, we’ll give you the freedom and opportunities to go as far as you dare.