How do we do interviews at STG?

At Scandinavian Tobacco Group, we believe that the key to success lies in assembling a talented and diverse team.

As part of our commitment to finding the best candidates, we follow a comprehensive interview process that enables us to evaluate skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Our interview approach at Scandinavian Tobacco Group is designed to create a positive and inclusive experience for all applicants.

What to Expect?

You Apply!

We carefully review your application! If we are a match, you’ll receive an email or a call from our HR team.

Interview Length: Most interviews can run from 30 minutes to 1 hour per person you meet with, depending on the role. 

After your Interview: Our team will contact you within a few business days to inform you of the next steps and share feedback. You can expect an email, a phone or a video call.

How to Prepare?

Learn: Do your homework! Be sure to learn about our company & products.

Why Scandinavian Tobacco Group? Come prepared to share why you want to work with us.

Get to know our values:


When answering: Always think about real-case examples when answering questions; we want to understand how you would react in certain situations.

Bring Questions!

Be Yourself!

Interview Process

Our interviews consist of three to four comprehensive stages, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate candidates.

We might ask you to join the interviews via MS Teams (video calls) or in person; we are pretty flexible!

Stage 1: Initial Screening

Stage 2: Behavioral and Technical Assessment

Stage 3: Final or Case Study or Business Case

Predictive Index Assessment: This scientifically validated tool provides insights into a candidate's work-related behaviors, motivations, and cognitive abilities. It helps us better understand your natural tendencies and ensures a strong alignment between your profile and the role you're applying for.