Being on the defensive isn’t really our style, but we do want people – especially potential employees – to have a realistic view of our company and industry

You have to smoke to work at Scandinavian Tobacco Group
No, you don’t. At Scandinavian Tobacco Group, we welcome both smokers and non-smokers – but we expect all our employees to feel confident about working with tobacco.

You’re a cigarette company!
No, we’re not. Our company makes high-quality tobacco products, mainly within “pleasure-smoking” segments like cigars and pipe.

You have to speak Danish
Nope. We’re headquartered and have a long history in Denmark, but we are an international company all the way. With 16 sales offices across Europe, North America and Oceania, we work in a truly global environment.

You’re an “old school” company!
Scandinavian Tobacco Group is an international workplace with more than 7,300 employees around the world. We are modern, diverse and globalised. We demand that employees show good judgement, respect others and act responsibly – but those values are hardly “old school”, are they?

I’d be encouraging people to live unhealthy lives
As the world’s largest manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco, we navigate in a vast sea of global and local regulations, and we carefully honor all of them. We never encourage nonsmokers to start, but we are proud to create moments of great enjoyment for adult smokers.

Tobacco is a creepy product
Our finely crafted products give customers pleasure and satisfaction. But we also know that smoking tobacco entails health risks and associated strong emotions. Because of this, we fully acknowledge that tobacco products should be regulated and we support balanced, evidence-based regulation of our own products.

Tobacco companies are a dying breed
While the tobacco business does face challenges, we keep growing steadily – in part because of acquisitions and innovative product development and marketing. When you join us, you’ll be part of a growing global business in a challenging industry.