“Craft nods to what we create, the passion we put into our everyday work, and the dedication that makes us committed.”

As a valued team member, you will experience that life at STG is more than a job.

It is a career journey that makes you more.

Whatever your "more" may be, we encourage you to always strive for it.

Giving you the freedom to craft the career that MAKES YOU MORE.



    At STG, our passion sets us apart.

    From the crafting of our products to the everyday moments that make our work unique, our determination to deliver is uncompromising.

    We believe in holding ourselves accountable to high expectations because we know we can achieve them.

    In showing care for each other by empowering each other's success. And instilling a strong sense of pride in the experiences we enable for our consumers. 





    We know to go far; it takes a winning team.

    That’s why we don’t just share the same roof; we share our knowledge, resources, and expertise to pull each other up and push each other forward.

     When we work together to deliver results, strive for simplicity, and beat our competition.




    We don’t shy away from challenges, we seek them out.

    With resilience, agility, and problem-solving prowess, we simplify complexities and transform them into opportunities.

    We’re always ready for what comes next because we believe embracing change can only change us for the better.





    For us, it’s not enough to meet the standard, it’s our responsibility to raise it.

    As a family of brands with global reach and bold ambitions, we’re positioned to play a role no other can: stewards of both exceptional experiences and best practices.